The thirst for distinction

Subtle aromas
A malty taste

Our VSPA (Very Special Pale Ale) is an extra strong beer, silky in the mouth, with a slightly sweet note that surprises with its great sweetness.

The paradox of the VSPA

More alcoholic than her cousin IPA, the VSPA beer is brewed without compromise with the best ingredients. This beer innovates with its sweet accents that give it all its flexibility and elegance.

Our VSPA is surprisingly not very bitter. A paradox explained by the fact that it is brewed only with a Pilsner German malt of the highest quality. It is this particular malt that brings the delicate notes of honey found in our VSPA and gives it this sweetness that makes us forget that it contains 10% alcohol. From the first sip, we enter the origin of this appellation which is its own: Very Special Pale Ale.

And since we must not be fooled by appearances, we recommend it especially to amateurs usually not fond of strong beers. A beer of contradiction, our VSPA will surely seduce them.

The Very Special Pale Ale is a mixture of brute force and adventures, to make each tasting a memorable moment.

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