The awakening of taste

Coffee aromas
A refine taste

This beer brewed with 100% arabica coffee embodies the perfect marriage of the bitterness of a Stout and a good strong Espresso.

The roasted coffee pairing

Our Stout Espresso presents a deep black dress that announces aromas of roasted barley and a frank taste of coffee. Well hopped, the bitterness of our Stout perfectly blends with the Colombian and Sumatra coffee grains with which it was brewed.

A daring beer that has body and a rich foam; This is the promise of our Stout Espresso to the one who fears neither novelty nor difference. A promise that reflects the experience of the senses and unfolds from the first scent to the last sip.

This promise is simply the marriage of stout and coffee. It embodies the audacity and above all the desire to add, in a perfect assemblage, the passion of the master brewer to that of the barista.

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