A strong character

Unique aromas
An incomparable taste

Our Deluxe IPA is dry hopped, which helps to give it a powerful nose that opens on citruses aromas, peaches, apricots and a slightly resinous final.

A dry hopped beer

The technique of dry hopping, contrary to traditional brewing, better preserves the essential oils contained in the hops and let the aromas express themselves fully.

Our Deluxe India Pale Ale is at the meeting of various IPA traditions. But let it be “North-East, Eastern, Western or Pan-American”, at the end, we don’t care about categories. What is certain, however, is that our IPA will awaken your mind to make you live a sensory experience without comparison! This experience begins even before the first sip, with the fruity scent that our beer exudes. Then let yourself be transported by the rich flavours of the IPA, whose accents of citruses and peaches envelop the palate, to finish on a slightly resinous note.

Assembled from a selection of our most aromatic hops, this Deluxe IPA, with its unique character, has everything to put some teeth into your daily life.

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