« You don’t become
a legend by being
like the others

– Brewstar

« The only things
one never regrets
are one’s mistakes. »

– Oscar Wilde

« Stay hungry.
Stay foolish »

– Steve Jobs

« Forget about today
until tomorrow »

– Bob Dylan

Born under a good star

We were all young, the eyes lost in the decor of a shabby bar, drinking a tablet beer with a pungent taste. We all thought we’d be able to do better. One day, maybe, it will happen.

We dreamed it, but without really believing it. Because a reasonable person does not think about these things. A reasonable person is rather considering life as a logical sequence of programmed events that will lead her to wear a tie behind a desk. And yet she misses something… this little flame, the passion necessary to allow her to move forward.

And that’s how we really did it: We woke up in the midst of a tidy life to embark on one of the greatest adventures of our life. A quest for a beer from the stars! The thirst to create a beer that would carry our colours and that would taste the sky. Because beyond compromises, that’s how Brewstar was born: From the fruit of experience, with a little daring and a lot of work.

A rising star

By designing Brewstar, our intention was to offer accessible and balanced beers, able to compete with the best beers in the industry, by proposing the diversity of flavours and the complexity of aromas usually found in microbreweries products.

To achieve this, we challenged the conventions and imposed new heights to climb. Create beers in our image, elegant beers that could transcend the categories. Finally, we wanted people to be able to find in Brewstar easy to love microbrewery beers. An experience to live, to share and to offer!

A moment to savour

Beyond the dream and vision, beyond the manufacturing process and even beyond the beer, there is a moment. Looks, smiles. Smells and flavours. The sum of all those shared moments that we remember for a long time. These little things that make you want to embrace life to the fullest, to enjoy the present. And because life is too short to drink bad beer, enhance your get-together with one of the Brewstar beers.

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